WLI, established to support the absorption procedure of young women immigrants who came to the Land of Israel, soon-to-be the State of Israel, on their own, and was eager to provide them with the assistance needed for a successful integration, is nowadays operating similarly: dozens of young (18-30) Jewish men and women are finding accommodation at WLI’s home, located on King George St., at the heart of Tel Aviv.

“I first came to Israel on May 2018 on a 10-day ‘Birthright’ trip,” says Mathew Levy from Los Angeles, now living in WLI’s home. “I went back to the US and immediately started looking for ways to go back to Israel. I found ‘Israel by Design,’ which cooperates with WLI, and told them about the type of technical internship I was looking for. Since I was already 31, I asked to live on my own. I have everything I need here. I cook, meet up with friends, work and study. I believe I wouldn’t have done this if it wasn’t for the assistance I am getting.”

Like Mathew, 150 young Jewish men and women from around the world are finding a new home with WLI via “Birthright” and “The Israeli Experience,” sponsored by the Jewish Agency and the State of Israel. They stay with WLI for a period of three months-a year. Throughout this time, they learn Hebrew, listen to lectures about Israeli history and tour the country. They also take part in internships – in hospitals, schools, hi-tech companies, and music schools.

Our new garden 2019“We wish that everyone who lives in WLI’s home would make Israel their permanent home,” Says CEO Etti Pilpel-Paz, “We offer them a temporary home hoping that some would return as Olim, and those who don’t would become ambassadors of the State of Israel around the world”.

WLI’s home in Tel Aviv is divided into three wings, comprised of 75 rooms and 162 beds. During 2019 Wing A, comprised of 27 rooms and 58 beds, was renovated. WLI’s administration wishes to proceed with the renovation at Wing B, comprised of 37 rooms and 64 beds, and Wind C, comprised of 11 rooms and 40 beds. Our lecture halls, offices and storage rooms are located on the ground floor.